Saturday, January 29, 2011

1959 Large Format Slides

Two slides from 1959 featuring first the Submarine Voyage. The Seawolf looks nice in its original gray paint with the first Tomorrowland in the background.

Sorry about the color of the slide, the original was awash in red.

Next up is a nice posed image of two ladies standing in front of the shiny new at the time Matterhorn. The saddle purse bag was quite the in fashion at the time.


Thufer said...

Thank you for that wonderful look at the SeaWolf. What a inspiring glimpse into 'tomorrow' and all things that could be. Yes, there is a sense of pride in nation which was on display in those 'Grays!' Nikita, eat your heart out.

Snow White Archive said...

That's a dynamite shot of the Seawolf. I really like the composition of this photo with the Moonliner in the background.