Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Main Street In Black and White 1959

From an unusual collection of black and white slides from 1959 is this set of images of Main Street in 1959. First up is a shot of the Horse Drawn Fire Wagon.

Next up are two shots of Vesey Walker leading the Disneyland band on Main Street. The Emporium in the background is very nice.

The flag raising concert in Town Square as seen from a Horse Drawn Surrey. Check out the fashion choices.


Katella Gate said...

"Check out the fashion choices"

LOL Yeah, I spotted Mr. White Sox, but I still prefer gauche 50's style to what we got today.

Brianna said...

I love vintage photos so much. Photos are indeed so powerful to capture and preserve moments or memories. Thank you for sharing all the photos it shows a lot of viewpoint really. . I am a blog reader and your blogs are one of my favorites now.

Connie Moreno said...

These were so neat to see!

Anonymous said...

We have time travelers from the 21st century in photo three! The trio walking past the Emporium toward the Fire House – they're fat, they're wearing shorts at Dland! They're looking forward to Fantasmic!