Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A Trip On the Skyway 1960

Three nice images taken by a photographer riding one of the old style circular buckets. The first image is actually the last image of the trip, the descent to the Fantasyland station. A pretty nice view of this area which is basically unchanged.

Workding backwards is the second image. A nice overview as you make exit the Matterhorn and cross over into the castle courtyard. Directly below is the Alice In Wonderland ride and in front of you is Fantasyland with Dumbo and the Chicken of the Sea Pirate ship.

But the best view is the last, moving backward to right as the Skyway exits the Matterhorn. The picture shows the ever popular Motor Boat Cruise, the boarding Chalet for the Bobsleds and of course the Monorail track and a nicely posed red Monorail. Man I miss the Skyway!


Thufer said...

that first picture is really nice. that area is overgrown today.

ref. the bottom picture, no Howard Johnsons yet? or would it be to the left more?

Anonymous said...

The 1st picture is the beginning of a trip to Tomorrowland, looking backward from the direction of travel. Enter the Chalet on the left, depart on the right.

The 1st & 2nd pics are from different directions on the Skyway.

Nice unusual views.

Anonymous said...

Re: the first comment. I believe HJ's would have been to the right of the photo ouside the picture area and on the south side of the freeway.

Interesting to see the backgound of the area circa 1960.

Unknown said...

Great pictures!

I've always wondered if the Skyway helped or hindered the magic of Disney. If you can see how they do it, does that make it better or not?

Anyway, thanks for sharing these with us!

Tinker Bell said...

For some reason these photos make me really want to ride on the Skyway today! How I wish it still remained!

walterworld said...

Yes---The Howard Johnson's would be a sharp right from the picture...90 degress say. The settlement on the other side of the freeway is Trailerland Park, a place for "Vactioners...and Mobile Homes". It's official address was 1211 S. Harbor Blvd. It disappeared sometime in the 70's and the site is currently home to a newer hotel with a volcano-like fountain out front.