Thursday, October 04, 2007

A Mixed Bag of Images

All of these images came from the same photo album, but are definitely of different places. The first is a great image of the end of the Alice In Wonderland Ride with two different smug caterpillar cars on the track. Unfortunately the photo was not mounted in the photo album and has some wear.

The second image is of a cute play ground area. I believe this may be the Santa Ana Zoo as on the same page was some images from Knott's Berry Farm. It may be Los Angeles but it does not look like San Diego. The little flying saucers do look like they were fun to play in.

Finally I believe this image is from the San Diego County Fair. It does look somewhat like Knotts, but not as permanent. Notice in the far right corner is a hanging. I also like the shuffle board building.

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Major Pepperidge said...

This is a fun group. The third image is great, with the corpse hanging from the gallows.

The second image brings back memories because one of those metal "bowls" like the kids are sitting in. It held our water balloons, or we just filled it with water for splashing around. I think it finally rusted out many years later.