Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Land EPCOT Center 1982

Two early views of the Land Pavilion at EPCOT center in November 1982. Fondly remembered for the Kitchen Kaberet show featuring audio-animatronic food and kitchen items. The pavilion also featured a great and gentle ride through on flat bottom boats through a large green house showing the various parts of the earth.


Scott Dier said...

The artwork (hanging?) in the dining area is still the same from long ago, or so thinks my wife -- who remembered it from a childhood trip when we were there last year.

Chris said...

By far the best food selection of the parks (non-restaurants).

Everybody in the group can get what they want and the quality seems to be better.

Favorite part of the ride is the fish farm. The entire thing is a nice break from the craziness outside.

The only thing was that if you sit too close to the fountain your back will be soaked by the time you finish lunch. Then again maybe you need it after being in the Florida sun all day.

Steve Tanner at Magical Trash said...

I very much enjoyed these retro EPCOT CENTER images. Thanks.

Disneyana World said...

There seem to be only middle aged and old people at EPCOT Center.