Sunday, October 14, 2007

Two Shots of the Submarine Voyage 1960

Two nice and very different images of the Submarine Voyage from the same trip in 1960. The first shows the lead submarine Nautilus entering the falls. The surprising fact is no barrier to the lagoon, just a clear shot.

For the next image, the photographer boarded the Skyway in Tomorrowland and focused his camera to the submarine pens. There is quite a number of subs in the dock not being run.


Major Pepperidge said...

Always love seeing pictures of the subs! That first one is unusual.

The Nautilus was considered the "lead" submarine?

Jason Schultz said...

As both a gray and yellow submarine, the Nautilus was numbered 301 (the others being 302-308). It's still the lowest numbered submarine in Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at 107 (the others being 207, 307...). This is because it played some role in inspiring the attraction, with the whole going-under-the-North-Pole thing.


Matterhorn1959 said...

It was also the submarine that was officially "commissioned" and launched for Disneyland. The lady who broke the bottle over the bow of the submarine was the wife of one of the original USS Nautilus submarine that traversed under the North Pole.

Anonymous said...

I think the second picture is excellent for another reason - the original monorail beam (instead of the beam heading out of the park to the Hotel).