Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Trip to Disneyland 1958

A series of snapshots taken by a young family on their trip in 1958. It appears the boys, like all boys, were obsessed with cars and driving cars. The dad was a good photographer and took some nice unusual shots. The first is of the Jr. Autopia over in Fantasyland. The striped tent queue is very nice with the cartoon lettering for Jr. Autopia on the side. The boy is just so happy!

The second shot is also of the young boy in a Midget Autopia car. He sure enjoyed driving the cars.

The final shot is of both brothers starting an Autopia car in Tomorrowland. The driver is listening intently (and probably gunning the engine) while the passenger is happy to ride his third small automobile of the day.

Staying in Tomorrowland are shots of the Skyway with the great sign and the desk chairs on the right hand side. The other image is of the TWA Rocket, but the photographer managed to get a picture of the ticket booth sign. (For all of you signage fanatics, I have added a close up of the sign.)

The next image is of Trader Sam on the Jungle Rivers. It appears his offer of two for one is still being held. (That is two of his heads for your head!)

The final image is of the stately Mark Twain Riverboat (as described in the brochures) from the Chicken Plantation patio. It looks like the perfect way to end an exciting day at Disneyland, watching the boat and dining on fresh fried chicken with all the fixings.


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, these are so great. As much as I love color slides, black and white photos are wonderful too...they remind me of going through boxes of old photos at my grandma's house (though she never had any Disneyland images - - they went sometime in July 1955, too).

The fact that the boy is so happy really adds a lot to these images!

Tinker Bell said...

I love those chairs at the Chicken Plantation! They would look so fab on my patio! lol

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the saddle shoes!!!
I LOVE these pics!!