Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Carnation Ice Cream Parlor and Flower Mart

Nice view of the side street and entrance to the old Carnation Ice Cream shop and restaurant. The street is there but is now an outdoor restaurant called appropriately enough the Carnation Cafe. Although if you ask cast members will tell you it was named after the flower and not the previous tenant (copyright issues and such.) I do like the Flowers on display and the cart used to sell flowers. Now a similar cart is used to sell water, soft drinks and fruit on the other side of the street. It takes away the illusion of small town life in the 1890s to see modern plastic soda bottles and overpriced fruit. For those who like the window painting, here is a close up of the window for Niagara Magic Lantern Slides. I believe this window still exists, anybody want to check it out and let me know next time you stop by the park?


Major Pepperidge said...

I never thought about it, but you're right...the outdoor cart selling water and fruit are very out of place on Main Street. Maybe I've just gotten used to the sloppy themeing! The vendors selling popcorn and ice cream were perfect for the area.

Daveland said...

Patrick - I have a shot of that window from a recent trip; I will zoom in when I get home and see if the lettering is still there. As for the overpriced fruit, I purchased a $1.75 apple on Sunday morning. If the apple had been: 1. organic 2. crisp and flavorful or 3. A rare variety or 4. included a collector pin, I wouldn't have minded. But for $1.75, i was extremely disappointed. C'mon, Disney...I work in Food Service and that markup is UNREAL.

Daveland said...

Patrick - It would seem that the windows have changed. This photo was taken in Oct. 2006: