Sunday, January 07, 2007

Overhead View of Disneyland November 17, 1954

Time has progressed and it is now November 17, 1954, eight months before opening. You can see grading has really taken place and the Main Street tunnels are being built out of concrete, looking like drainage control channels. I have circled both the right entrance tunnel and also in the background the white house. Caption for the photo is 11/17/54- Development of Adventure Land and Frontier Land. Also, you can see the fifteen foot embankment that runs around the Park.

A nice view of the Carnation Gardens area with the sign and archway entrance. Many a wonderful band played on the stage to the left. This was also a place to get burgers, fries and ice cream, especially the Fantasia ice cream. I miss the quiet of the stage and the 1890's Ice Cream parlor outdoor ambience of the Gardens.


Disneyland Hippo said...

You need a today picture to show how all around Disneyland has changed. Love mom

Anonymous said...

What was Fantasia ice cream?

I'm enjoying looking at these very early aerial construction pictures, trying to figure out where everything goes!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Fantasia Ice cream is like spumoni with that many colors. According to some online chat boards, it is made up of the following ice creams: Cherry, Pistachio and Banana. And Hippo- I will try to find a link to a current overhead shot.

maegen said...

i miss fantasia ice cream. it was delicious and special to enjoy just at disneyland.