Thursday, January 11, 2007

Overhead View of Disneyland Early 1959

It is now early 1959 and the Matterhorn mountain steel framework is dominating the skyline of the park. Lots of other construction can be seen in Tomorrowland. Several things have been circled, the Dominquez house, the gazebo over in Adventureland and the rarely used Holidayland entrance gate. Anaheim itself is still a sleepy little town.

Another view of the stores along Main Street, this time the Timex and Silhoute shop. Think of all the Mickey Mouse watches that were sold through this shop and how many families then went next door. The kids would pose for mom so she could get her silhoutte cutouts of them. I am glad that the silhoutte shop is still there and you can still get your profile cut out. It is one of the reminders of a main street in the 1890s.


Tannerman said...

"...the rarely used Holidayland entrance gate"

Could you explain a little more about this?

Anonymous said...

I love the variety of storefront styles used on Main's easy to forget that each side of the street consists of a single large building.

DisneyDutchman said...

Awsome aerial view. If you look in the lower left corner you can see the RoundHouse with a train inside!! How Cool!! Thanks Matterhorn. How long was the Gazebo in that location? I know it was moved there in 1956 but when was it moved out of the Park?

Matterhorn1959 said...

Tannerman- Holidayland was used for corporate picnics, the company could have picnics, there was a softball diamond and regular playground equipment. And the picnickers also could go to Disneyland and they entered through the entrance I circled in the middle bottom left of the image.

Disneydutchman- according to the Nickel Tour, the bandstand was moved in 196s for the Jungle Cruise expansion.

Anonymous said...

I only just noticed that you can see the Matterhorn under construction....!