Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Second Overhead View of Disneyland January 13, 1955

A closer view of Disneyland from the West side, showing the Rivers of America and an almost complete Jungle Cruise. In the background can be seen Main Street taking shape and all the way in the background is the new administration building made from the Dominguez House and another house moved and put together. The caption for the photo reads: 1/13/55- Development of Frontier Land river and Main Street. The Opera House (completed building) is being used as a Wood Mill for the manufacture of the facades for Main Street and Fantasy Land. All underground facilities for Tomorrow Land have been installed- construction of buildings will start this month.

For your enjoyment is a nice view of the Penny Arcade early in the morning before Disneyland opened for the day. The curtain door across the doorway reminds me of the pull down gates seen at shopping malls.


Anonymous said...

You can see the "dotted line" where the track for the Mark Twain would eventually go.

Hannibal8 said...

Something is missing on the Penny Arcade. On today's current facade there is an Indian head penny in the middle of the circle above the entrance. I wonder when they added that detail?