Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride Entrance and Ticket Booth

A favorite ride is Mr. Toad's and this view of the front entrance and ticket booth is spectacular. In fact, so spectacular, I am speechless. Just note the lovely admission signs and the fantastic waste can.

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Ronn Roxx said...

Aside from the fact that in this picture you could just pay and walk right on, which makes my head spin with delight... What I get from seeing this photo is the feeling that the woman in the ticket booth would dote on each child as they excitedly handed over their money for a ticket for this ride. It must have been fun to visit Disneyland in a time when it was 'just' a park that you could show up to and have a relaxed day, as opposed to today, with the crowds the park sees on a regular basis. Today when I talk to people about going to Disneyland, the first thing they talk about is the 'lines', not the rides or the magic.