Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Adventure Land Bazaar Sign

Another small sign found in Adventure Land (note the spelling of Adventureland at this time) hanging on a wall in the bazaar. Note the great details of the bazaar and also in the right hand corner is where hot coffee and donuts could be purchased.


K. Martinez said...

Coffee and Donuts at the Tropical Cantina! And these were still available when it became Sunkist "I Presume", however I used to get a Jungle Julep and buttermilk bar for breakfast at this location back in the day.

I love the spelling of "Adventure Land" and use of the word ride in "Jungle River Boat Ride". Love these b&w sign images. Thanks!

Matthew said...

Ahh! The good ol' days of eating a "Sunkist I Presume" safari bar (buttermilk bar with orange zest). I too enjoyed those K.! That and a cup of hot coffee made every Jungle Cruise skipper happy on a beautiful sunny Southern California morning, before the Park would get busy.

I think the sign explains it perfectly. "Jungle River Boat Ride - Bazaar." ;-) I still enjoy the old unload line, "Now if you look across the street there you will see it... bazaar, isn't it." Wow that took me back. See the sign still rings true.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle