Monday, July 13, 2015

Main Street Cinema Ticket Booth

A ticket booth still seen in Disneyland today is this booth for the Main Street Cinema. I wonder if this mannequin is the girlfriend of the mannequin seen in the Satellite View of America ticket booth. I like the movie stills in the booth and the turnstile.


Anonymous said...

Notice the stool to the far right. That's where the ticket taker would be. It was a long 8 hour shift. Fortunately it was only a day or two assignment for me and I enjoyed speaking to guests to pass the time. It was fun to see little kids with "A" tickets in their hand wondering why the lady didn't move. One looked at me and said "You have to be a dummy to work here". I agreed :)


K. Martinez said...

KS, Looks like I got my answer as to who and where the ticket taker would. Thanks for sharing about your experience working at the Main Street Cinema.