Thursday, July 09, 2015

Astro Jets Ticket Booth

One of the fun attractions in Tomorrowland was the Astro Jets. A sleek ticket booth in gleaming steel, blue graphics and colored fabric panels, the booth calls out to several guests. The little boys hat is a Donald Duck squeaker and his sister's pants look right at home in Tomorrowland.

To answer Major Pepperidge's question, this series of ticket booth images are all dated 1958.


K. Martinez said...

Figuring you probably have all the ticket booths of this era, I was waiting for this one the show up. I love the glass window blinds that allow for cross ventilation. It reminds of my old classroom windows back in the 1960's. So was there ever an Autopia ticket booth? Or did you have to go to a central ticket booth?

Nanook said...

Everything that Ken said... and those capri pants on the gal with the hat. It must be 1958-!

Major Pepperidge said...

What a great photo - the ticket booth looks very "Bauhaus".

It's funny, I often notice that photographers have a tendency to skew their cameras to one side or another... this person always tilted just a little bit to the right!