Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Tomorrowland Skyway Ticket Booth

If you want a ride to Fantasyland, pull out your B coupon or one quarter. Or if you want a round trip, pull out 2 B tickets or you could pull out two quarters out of your pocket. I believe this price was per person, so a group ride would cost more than a solo ride. The ticket booth is not very themed or graphic as others, but still has nice lettering.

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K. Martinez said...

More great documentation of the ticket booths. I wonder how they figured out you were round trip at the opposite end point to prevent any extra trips over the limit. Did they have a tag on the sky bucket showing its starting point from either the Tomorrowland or Fantasyland Skyway terminal?

I love the multiple fonts used in the sign "SKYWAY to Fantasyland". Thanks!