Thursday, May 07, 2015

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea for 10 Cents and One A Coupon

Everybody's favorite walk through attraction from the 1950s is the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The attraction only cost ten cents or one A Coupon. For the thin dime, visitor's saw the sets from the movie and the attack of the giant squid. Basically gone before I remember trips to Disneyland, this is one of several attractions I wish I could have seen.


K. Martinez said...

Since I went to Disneyland when this was open, I may have seen this attraction, but I don't remember it at all. For that reason I don't count it as an attraction I've done. I'm kind of bummed there are no 20,00 Leagues attractions at the U.S. parks anymore.

Major Pepperidge said...


Anonymous said...

My memory of this exhibit stems from one trip in 1965 or 66. I think I was too young to remember it from earlier trips, or maybe the exhibit was too scary for a little kid, because I know I went to Disneyland before 1965.

Anyway, it was quite an experience, I vividly remember the squid, and the green water bubbling in the airlock well. Pretty good for 50 years, I guess.

It was kind of like a museum, each room was set up as a tableau in a ring corridor, with the squid visible through multiple windows in the center of the donut. I think you could walk back and forth around the ring, so if you missed something you could come back.

I think this format was the original "walk-through" considered for both Pirates and Haunted Mansion, before the boat and Omnimover concepts.

I'm sorry most of you missed it, it was really a lot of fun. And when we went the next year, it was gone. Replaced by ATIS.