Thursday, May 21, 2015

Jungle Cruise Ticket Booth- 50 Cents or One D Coupon

For Amazon Belle, the Jungle Cruise Ticket Booth. Cost for the ride in May of 1959 was 50 cents or one D Coupon (the highest coupon in the ticket booth at the time.) The theming fits the Adventureland setting with pole construction featuring aged wood and whitewashed window frames. An interesting note is that the ticket seller is female, even though they could not operate a Jungle Cruise boat. Since Amazon Belle was so excited (just like a kid the night before a Disneyland visit), I have posted both images. And to answer a question from Major Pepperidge, I believe the images were photographed by a member of the sign shop to document their work.


K. Martinez said...

Wonderful! There's something extra special about these sign documentation photos you've been posting. Thanks!

Matthew said...

Thank you PJ!!! I was very excited to see this ticket booth indeed. I was also excited to know that K. Martinez and I think a like. It's hard for me to tell... but is this the same ticket booth that would have been located at the end of the Jungle Cruise queue (across from Sunkist I Presume) during the 70's (as far back as I can remember) or was this located near the entrance to the attraction (thus the little black rubber mat for someone (maybe a greeter - if they had that position in 1958) to stand on)? Just wonder'n. THANKS AGAIN!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks, Matterhorn!