Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mike Fink's Landing

One of my favorite signs in the collection is this image of the Mike Fink Keel Boat landing sign. The sign features stills from the TV show featuring Mike Fink and Davey Crockett. The signboard includes a map of the route of the Keel Boat on the Rivers of America as well as a board for arrivals and departures. Enjoy this rare view of a unique sign board.


K. Martinez said...

I'm definitely enjoying this rare view of a unique sign board. Love the map showing the canal connecting "Rivers of America" with "Rivers of the World". And that chopped dirt below the sign is interesting. No landscaping yet.

I keep expecting this series to end, but it seems to be the gift that just keeps giving. Thanks!

Unknown said...

This may be my favorite image from the "sign series" yet! There's rare signs, and then there's this. I never even knew this one existed, let alone seen a nice clear picture of it. Very cool!

Matthew said...

Agree with K. Martinez! Great shot and interesting how this map in Frontierland recognizes the Adventureland tributary. Usually these types of maps would simply show the branch coming from Adventureland (not the actual waterway detail) so as to act as if Frontierland (or any other land for that matter) was all there is (see park maps in guide books for examples). Now I'm wondering how many maps like this may have existed. Hmmmm.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle

Major Pepperidge said...

It's amazing for me to see something I have never seen before! Plus it is just a cool sign.



I have some of those stills!! (I used to have all of them at one point) I purchased many items from a former WED graphic designer -mainly signs - and assorted material years ago. A manila envelope marked "KEELBOATS" had all those stills in them each in a wax-paper type pouch. on the back of each is a grease pen or ink pen marked with a studio number. I figured maybe at one point they had frames inside the KEELBOATS themselves featuring the photo stills, but never have seen shots with any signs of these pictures inside. Now the mystery is solved. Wish I kept all of them now.