Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Strike A Pose

The family posing in front of several buildings in Disneyland in 1973. First up is a slightly different angle of the family in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. Based upon the clothing, I would say this is a nice summery day. The flags on the drawbridge add a nice color to the image.

Next up is the family in front of the Blue Bayou in New Orleans Square. The details of the architecture and iron work have always impressed me. The Blue Bayou is one of the best restaurants in Disneyland with the perpetual twilight being a unique feature.


K. Martinez said...

The New Orleans Square image is great. Almost postcard perfect.

MRaymond said...

I always wonder; am I the only one who checks the people in the background for family members? I know I photo-bombed a lot of pictures when I was a kid.