Thursday, December 11, 2014

Fantasyland Attractions 1973

Today's post are of Fantasyland and attractions found in 1973. First up is an overall view of Fantasyland featuring multiple attractions. I like the Casey Jones Jr. Sign and the Mermaid on the Chicken of the Sea ship. The color and shapes are fantastic and interesting.

Next up is a nice view of the Storybook Canal boats. I am drawn to the bright red hat worn by the cast member.


K. Martinez said...

Now this is the Fantasyland I remember and grew up with. Both shots are extra fantastic today! Thanks.

Major Pepperidge said...

Yeah, that first shot is awesome. And the red hat in photo #2 is practically day-glo.

Alex Blasingame said...

Forget the hat, I'm drawn to the thigh-highs of both CM's in that second pic! Those were the days.

In the first shot, the middle Skyway cable looks slack. Must be a powerline. Anyone know?