Friday, December 05, 2014

Souvenir Friday- Lot of 1956 Souvenirs

A bit of a different post for souvenir Friday. This lot of items were purchased together from a local Colorado antique mall. The interesting part of the lot is that there is a Disneyland in Natural Color guidebook in the group as the rest of the items are from 1956. This means that the Natural Color guidebook was still on souvenir stands in the middle of 1956. I would surmise that the guidebook was on sale the same time as the regular 1956 guide book. The other items include a June 1956 Disneyland News that has been personalized for the family, 3 gate fliers from 1956, 1 Disneyland general brochure, 3 Red Wagon Inn children's menu, and 3 Knott's Berry Farm Steak House Menus dated 1956.

Finally just a note that today Walt Disney was born in 1901. Happy Birthday Walt!


Anonymous said...

I remember that little brochure with Tinkerbelle, but my memory couldn't be of the 1956 edition.

That design must have been used for some time.

Thanks for these pics.


Major Pepperidge said...

Good grief, what a find! And look at the condition of everything. Remember when the "In Natural Color" guides would fetch hundreds? Not long ago I posted a photo from 1956 in which you can see a little kid carrying the very first guidebook (the one with no photos), so they sold those past 1955 - probably until they sold out their supply.

Snow White Archive said...

That Snow White roast turkey meal is quite the bargain at just $1.25. :)

Peppermint Snowdrift said...

I love these old images from bygone eras!