Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Diamond Horseshoe Revue Walt Disney World

Heading to Florida for a stop at the Diamond Horseshoe Revue at Walt Disney World. The show was based upon the Golden Horseshoe Revue in Disneyland but featured a couple of different numbers. The first image features the Police Gazette scenic element and some very cute dancers.

The second image is of the lead singer holding her heart over her head. I am not sure of the sequences or names for the musical numbers or performers.

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DBenson said...

I faintly remember seeing the first number at Disneyland; later found out "The Girl on the Police Gazette" was an Irving Berlin song from the movie "On the Avenue." The setup was the emcee noticed one of the band was reading the Police Gazette -- a sort of men's scandal sheet from the post-Civil War into the gaslight era -- and began singing this tribute to the pretty girls featured in the illustrations.

In the second, I'm going guess Sue's "heart" is a mirror. Don't remember the song, but at Disneyland she used it to reflect a spotlight onto men in the audience as she sang (a device, if I recall correctly, featured in "The Great Ziegfeld").