Monday, August 25, 2014

Two Disneyland Docks

Two snapshots of different docks at Disneyland. First up is a nice view of the Frontierland dock with the Mark Twain arriving. It is interesting that a guest is out on the dock close to the Mark Twain. The photograph shows a nice view of the workings of the Mark Twain.

Next up is a view of one of the jungle launches arriving back from the perilous three month tour of the jungle. The launch is fully loaded with guests. Oh how I miss the striped canopies.

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K. Martinez said...

Love all that wood that makes up the Jungle Cruise dock. I wonder how often they had to replace that.

I do have nostalgia for the striped canopies, but actually prefer the 1994 revamp with its two-story boathouse queue and weathered jungle boats.