Thursday, August 28, 2014

Alice, Main Street and Matterhorn Christmas 1959

A set of three snapshots from December 1959. The snapshots are all mounted on one page in the posted order. First up is a nice overhead view of Alice In Wonderland with several caterpillars out on the track. In the background is Fantasyland prior to the addition of skull rock.

A quick stop for a portrait shot in front of the Main Street Cinema with the glory of Main Street decorated for Christmas in the background. The Cigar Store Indian looks especially proud in this image. Note the sandwich board advertising some silent film starring comedian Mack Swain.

Last image is from the Skyway again featuring the new Matterhorn mountain with the Monorail station off to the right and the Yacht Bar on the right.

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K. Martinez said...

Image 1 - Overhead views of Alice in Wonderland's leafy caterpillar track always fascinate me.

Image 2 - The little kid in the stroller is probably pushing 60 by now if he/she made it this far.

Image 3 - Nice Matterhorn shot before the grown trees dwarfed it.