Wednesday, August 06, 2014

10 Cents or One A Coupon

At least that is the price to ride any of the vehicles found on Main Street in these images. First up is a busy day at Town Square with the horseless carriage waiting for guests while the conductor on the Main Street Trolley and the chauffeur for the car discuss the weather. The hand painting at Disneyland at this time is just spectacular.

The eventual destination for the vehicles is the hub. Here there is more congestion with one horse drawn vehicle the Fire Wagon and another Horseless Carriage. The guests look happy as they step of the Fire Wagon, luckily there was no fires found on Main Street.

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K. Martinez said...

I'm really enjoying your B&Ws this week. When the ticket book system was utilized by the Park, I always used my one 'A' coupon for King Arthur's Carrousel. I didn't ride any of the Main Street Vehicles until the mid-1980s. Back in 2012, I rode all four Main Street vehicle types, one immediately after the other completing two full loops on Main Street. That was a lot of fun and the one and only time I did that.