Monday, August 18, 2014

Guest Photograph Day- July 23, 1963

You never know who may have memories of Disneyland or great images that they will share. This set comes from a new friend who I met through work. Her dad, David Deifik visited Disneyland on July 23, 1963 and loved Tomorrowland. David kept a dairy and noted the date. For those without Jason's Almanac, Disneyland was open on this Tuesday from 9 AM to 12 AM, the high was 82 and the low was 61 and the attendance was 35,431 guests. The first image shows the Matterhorn mountain in the early sun as taken from the front of the Monorail. A nice selection of signs can be seen including the Motor Boat Cruise yacht sign and the Richfield Autopia sign.

Next up is a portrait of Patrick Henry, not the patriot but the Disneyland Submarine. It appears that it is a little too early for the mermaids to be out and about.

Final image is of David on the most thrilling and exciting ride at Disneyland...the Motor Boat Cruise. There is so much goodness in this image....

Thanks to my friend Gabrielle and her Dad David for allowing me to show these images.

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K. Martinez said...

WOW!!! The Motor Boat Cruise image is awesome! You've got the Mark II Monorail Red gliding over Submarine Lagoon, Submarines in the loading dock and the Autopia cars zipping over the bridge that crosses the Submarine Lagoon/Motor Boat Cruise divide.

I loved the Motor Boat Cruise and was pissed that they removed the attraction. It was one of the simple pleasures at Disneyland.

A BIG THANKS to your friend Gabrielle and her dad David.