Thursday, March 17, 2011

Odd Pictures

Some unusual pictures from around Disneyland. First up is a long shot image of a Mermaid sunning herself on the rocks in the Submarine Lagoon.

Next up is a "forbidden" picture (see the flash, remember flash photography is not allowed in the tunnel) of the two Mountain Lions in the Grand Canyon Diorama.

The bobcat is looking to join the guests in the Nature's Wonderland Railroad train.

This photograph shows why you do not pose with the possibility of things going through your head....maybe it was bad timing.

This is my favorite of the series, a double exposure featuring the geysers and mud pots from Nature's Wonderland and Cinderella's Castle from Story Book Land.


Snow White Archive said...

Great shots! The mermaids look like tiny plastic toys washed up on a beach.

Connie Moreno said...

These are great!!! I love them!

Katella Gate said...

The double exposure was obviously a Fellini-like collage to explain the "missing" ending from Cinderella:

After her apotheosis from scullery girl to queen, Cinderella enjoyed the heavenly splendors of the court, while her evil step- mother and sisters were banished to the pits of hell, and could only gaze at the happiness that might have been theirs to share.

"Obviously", said Bagheera.

Regions Beyond said...

Great set of "odd" photos, I like the mermaid shot particularly. Good stuff, thanks for sharing!