Thursday, March 10, 2011

Monorails and More 1960

Nothing nicer than a speeding Monorail in 1960.

A second image of a speeding train from the future.

Its also nice to see round buckets in the sky.

Nice view of Story Book Land from a metallic bucket. Unfortunately the image is a little too blurry or I would show the close up of the warning sign on the inside of the bucket.

The reason the Matterhorn is a Swiss Mountain, it is full of holes. (Supposedly an answer that Walt gave during an interview.)


Major Pepperidge said...

I can *almost* read that sign. You're sure if you zoom in just a little more that it's not legible? Of course it probably just says something to the effect of "Don't drop things from the bucket, and stay in the darn vehicle".

Thufer said...

I love that second picture. What a wonderful moment in time; things are on the move and the chill of exciting promises are abundant and all around.

Katella Gate said...

Obviously there is a Monorail and Skyway conspiracy afoot. I just got thru looking at a passel of them over at Gorillas.

It's interesting to see that Disneyland is only 5/6 years old in these pictures, but the park is really looking developed. Poor Freedomland was history by this time.

Connie Moreno said...

OH! Those are incredible!!! I had to post this before even reading the text, LOL!!!

Vaughn said...

The photo of the red monorail over the Sub Lagoon is so common, yet it never gets old: timeless.