Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Fantasyland in Black and White

First up is the entrance to Fantasyland, Sleeping Beauty Castle. This is a slightly different image than usually seen.

A closer look at the moat and one of the gorgeous white swans.

A couple of shots from Story Book Land. First up is the Old Mill which sheltered the animals in the large storm.

Also a nice view of Cinderella's Castle on the mountain.

A view of the Alice In Wonderland vehicle track, I wonder if the photographer tried to include a caterpillar vehicle in the picture.

Final image is a nice shot of Skull Rock. This almost looks like a model.


Thufer said...

Good set of memories.
Love the old low wire fencing in the mote picture with the swan.
There is something refreshingly "REAL" about that windmill picture. Wonderful capture.
Oh Goodness...is that an 'UNSAFE' Vine picture I see? Oh gosh, we must get someone right on that.
Ever notice how much more neat 'Skull Rock' looks in Black & White?

Connie Moreno said...