Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Trip to Freedomland

Images from a 1963 trip to the short lived Freedomland theme park located in Brooklyn, New York. First up is the Chicago Train Depot for the Santa Fe Railroad which looped from Chicago to San Francisco. The statues around the flagpole are very nice and a nice detailed touch.

Next up a view of the horse drawn streetcar pulling into Old Chicago. The firehouse is where the fire men who helped put out the Great Chicago Fire 3 times a day.

A view of one of the paddle wheel steam boats at dock in the middle of the park, with the Borden's farm in the background.

A great view of the Moon Bowl in the Space Port area of the park. It appears singing nuns are on stage.

A shot of the Santa Fe Train heading down the track.

Family shot in front of a Chinese Dry Goods store in San Francisco.


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Very cool, I am so fascinated by Freedomland!