Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Tahitian Terrace Part 1

I am always on the lookout for interior pictures from restaurants. One of my favorite lost restaurants is the Tahitian Terrace. The first image is a great photograph of the attractive dancers. I love how the stage looks organic and is extended out into the guests so they feel they are part of the show.

The next image was with the Tahitian Terrace images, but I believe it may be The Palms once located in Anaheim. Any tikiphiles have an idea of location? I do know it is a fun picture with the crowd learning to hula.

Tomorrow more Tahitian Terrace images.


Kevin said...

I love how, except the barefoot guy of course, they are all wearing identical shoes!!

Connie Moreno said...

Love these! I never got to go in the Tahitian parents coudln't afford it at the time and I used to think "When I grow up..."

Major Pepperidge said...

Nothing like exotic, pretty girls. I'd go to the Tahitian Terrace every time if it was still there!

Maybe Kevin Kidney or Chris Jepsen will know about photo #2.