Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sawyer's Souvenir Slides of Nature's Wonderland

Once upon a time at Disneyland there was a fun audio animatronic animal filled ride that went through forests, deserts and caverns. And once upon a time, these slides were in full color. However both have disappeared, the ride being replaced by a roller coaster style wild train and the slides turning red. First up is the cavern.

Next up is the forest.

The final image is the desert.


stu29573 said...

I SO miss this ride! I loved the caverns most of all, but the desert made an impression on me as well. I still remember riding past those bubbling mud pots....Sigh....

Major Pepperidge said...

I'll never understand why Sawyer's used Kodachrome for their Viewmaster reels, but not for some of their souvenir slides.

JG said...

I remember how humid the cave felt, esp. after the heat of the desert.

I miss it too.

Thank you Matterhorn.