Wednesday, January 27, 2010

1939 New York World's Fair- Part 2

Today is the continuation on the journey through the 1939 World's Fair. First, to answer a question from yesterday, it is my understanding that all of the statues were destroyed after the fair.
The first photograph for today is the entrance of the British Pavilion. The Pavilion was home to many exhibits including replica of the crown jewels, a heraldry exhibit, a Magna Charta room containing many historical documents and a restaurant.

Next up is the statue by William Zorach titled Builders of the Future. The statue was located in the Court of Roses. The second image is a close up of this art deco statue.

A favorite of mine is this image of the statue and quote from Lenin that was at the entrance the USSR Pavilion. Really great propaganda piece presented by the communist nation. The statue represents the heroic spirit of the Soviet Civil War and the figures are the common people- heroic worker, peasant soldier, sailor, woman and youth.

Final image for today is another statue group. The statue is the Four Victories of Peace by John Gregory. The location was the court of power. Notice in the zoom photo the electric vehicle on the lower left hand side.


Major Pepperidge said...

More great stuff... I found an old photo album full of somebody's pictures of this fair... most of them are tiny, but they might be worth scanning. They'll help me keep my blog going!

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