Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas Time at Disneyland

Well we got back from spending a long weekend in California. We went to Disneyland every day and it was very crowded, even the threat of torrential rain did not stop the crowds from showing up. Several of the days we were there at opening at 8 AM and the lines were across the esplanade to California Adventure. And opening was never truly at 8 AM, but rather 8:10 AM. The park was nicely decorated for Christmas. There was the usual Christmas Tree and decorations on Main Street. We did ride It's A Small World Holiday and it was very festive (we were the only ones on our boat and probably only one of about 5 people in the entire ride.) The castle effect was pretty interesting by day, but night definitely was a let down. From what I had read and heard it was supposed to be spectacular, but it fell flat. It looked like the icicle lights you can purchase at your local Home Depot. Maybe with some tweaking, the park will get it better. In order to start the Christmas season, here are some vintage images of Disneyland at Christmas. The first is a shot of the Main Street Christmas tree from the Emporium. The images are all circa 1965.

Of course Christmas is not Christmas without Santa Claus. Here he is in the finale of the parade.

An image of my favorite part of the parade, the march of the toy soldiers.

And finally a shot of a strange creature (dragon?) being beat by a lady weilding a rolling pin! I don't think they have this character interaction any more.


Major Pepperidge said...

Arg, your description of the crowds is making me rethink my plans to visit the park! Oh well, it's been years since I've seen Disneyland in non-Christmas mode, maybe I'll wait until early next year.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Sounds like you had fun, in spite of the crowds! I actually went at Halloween, what was I thinking???? I’m going during the week in Jan., Feb., and March just so I can see the pavement!

Sorry to hear about the Castle effects, I was really concerned when I saw the first pictures come in on the web. I was hoping it was better in person, but I am not hearing much good about it.

Thanks for the 1965 Photo’s! I am always partial to 65’!

The Viewliner Limited said...

What can I say that hasn't already been said...very, very cool pictures. Thanks Matterhorn.

jedblau said...

Is that the Reluctant Dragon? Great shots!

Daveland said...

Good to see you, Patrick - and thanks for the great Xmas post! Love the absence of bling-bling!