Thursday, December 06, 2007

Chicken of Sea Pirate Ship Signs 1961

A nice image of the Chicken of the Sea pirate ship at anchor at Skull Rock Cove. From late 1955 until 1961, the Pirate Ship was docked at a small pond with just some trees. Then in 1961, a brand new scene was created. The skull rock from the movie was added along with a landside dining area which was themed to a pirate beach. Due to increased crowds of hungry guests, the construction in this area expanded the dining capacity. And made one of the coolest spots in Disneyland. Of course both the ship and skull rock are gone. But there is a homage at the Disneyland Hotel pool.

On a side note, the blog updating may be a bit sporadic as I am off to visit Disneyland.


Daveland said...

Great pics, Patrick! I'll be at the park Friday/Saturday -

jedblau said...

If I could only have one sign on my wall...great shots.

Anonymous said...

That hook hand that holds up the sign is still in the park. Look for it inside between the entrance and exit queues of Peter Pan holding a hanging lantern.