Thursday, February 09, 2017

Adventureland Bazaar

A very interesting view of Adventureland. In the middle of the picture is the Adventureland Bazaar where any number of wondrous souvenirs could be purchased. I assume that this is where the Jungle Cruise snowglobes were stocked along with various Tikis and rubber snakes. The shop on the corner is Guatemalan Weavers with a variety of basket purses for sale.


Debbie V. said...

I'm wondering if this is where I bought little box of Japanese incense - around 1969? I know it was at an outdoor shop like this Bazaar - but not sure of the time frame. I think I bought a little bronze burner as well.
I have many memories - they were little flat squares wrapped in colored foil - Jasmine scent. My parents (I was still at home, senior year) were kind of put off by the smell, but my mom came to like it a lot.

Anonymous said...

This continuous Adventureland facade is one of the most fascinating bits of theming in all of Disneyland. Every few feet is a different continent or region, from Guatemala to Mali.

It must have been so much fun to research and design.


Anonymous said...

Above the Bazaar, there appears to be a Jungle Cruise cast member. This was the area we called "JUBA" for Jungle Upstairs Break Area. It was an easy way to see the cycles of the boats for breaks and lunch times. We'd have 2 cycles for a break...three for lunch. Lunch always seemed short while the breaks could last 20 minutes. KS

Chuck said...

Interesting cosmic alignment today. Not only do we have a full Moon, a partial lunar eclipse, and a comet, but both you and Daveland are running photos of the Bazaar posted within 24 hours of each other.