Thursday, April 21, 2011

Disneyland in Soft Focus- Horse Drawn Trolley

More images from a photographer who shot in black and white and used a soft nostalgic focus. The images remind me of those from the rare German Black and White real photo postcards that were sold at Disneyland. First up is a head on shot of the trolley coming down Main Street.

Next up is a close shot of the riders and interior of the trolley.

This image showcases not only the trolley but also one of the early wagons. I believe this one is now on display at the Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue restaurant.


Thufer said...

The second picture looking south-ish, back through town square and out the RR tunnel is a realistic gem. That has such a 'look' of reality that is rather wonderful.

Jason Schultz said...

That's amazing--three pictures and three different trash cans! The first two photos show two differently colored open-top "Waste" cans while the last photo shows a couple of the more traditional cans. Did they run out of money?!

Steve Tanner at Magical Trash said...

Good observation on the trash cans. That lighter color one looks just like this one previously featured:

Did Town Square have it's own set theme of cans and then closer to the hub they went with a traditional design?