Monday, September 06, 2010

Things From the Gate- Educational Brochure 1956

Disneyland pretty quickly found out that many groups wanted to visit Disneyland. In order to make the park more attractive to school groups, Disneyland created a program and brochure to entice teachers to visit the park with their classes. I love some of the benefits the group could receive (a free ride on the Mark Twain or one of the Disneyland Trains, free parking, lectures by the sponsors especially in Tomorrowland) as well as the educational aspects of each land (history in Frontierland, natural history in Adventureland, civics and government in Main Street, literature in Fantasyland.) Enjoy the brochure and check out the spot illustrations.


Major Pepperidge said...

Is there another flyer with Doc on the cover? I think I have one that looks like this, but don't remember the neat teacher tie-in.

jedblau said...

Cool! Never seen this one.

Anonymous said...

This is so so cool. This is one of the wonderful things I've always admired about Walt Disney - he provided such an interesting way to get people (not just kids) interested in learning.
Donald in Mathmagic Land - one of my all time favorite shorts.

Matterhorn1959 said...

Major- the 1955 gate brochure with map features Doc on the cover.

Kevin Kidney said...

Wow. This is so cool.
I can't imagine trying to teach a group of kids about civics on today's Main Street, other than taking the class to City Hall to file some complaints.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Tomorrowland is a "daring conception"!

This is too cool, I also have the standard '55 gate flyer with Doc, which is cool but this one is fabulous!

"Free Ride" on the Mark Twain or one of the trains for all students on a "scheduled" trip. How cool it that!!!!!