Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rustic Disneyland 1970s

Looking at these photographs, I get the 1970s rustic feeling. The focus of the subject and topics remind me of what a family that had Holly Hobbie curtains and listened to Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash and the Eagles. as well as watched Hee Haw would find worthy of a photo. Here is a shot of the family- can't you just hear Hotel California in the background?

Next up is It's A Small World....featuring topiary.

A somewhat moody and still rustic (check out the cowboy hat) of the Haunted Mansion.

A nice view of the Keel Boat at the dock with Tom Sawyer Island in the background.

Even the Red Wagon Inn appears rustic in this shot.

Maybe it is just the color of the photographs and the 1970s pebbled texture?


Thufer said...

Great shot of Red Wagon/Plaza Inn in yellow. Second best place in the park to have a cup of coffee and people watch.

HBG2 said...

It's a GHOST! No, wait. Is that a painter on the roof of the Mansion, painting the cupola? You don't see something like that in every HM photo that comes along.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Love that satin/silk finish on these, brings back the smell of shag carpet!

JG said...

I love the smell of shag carpet in the morning...smells like..

wait, wrong movie.

Great pics, thanks.


Pegleg Pete said...

Great pics. Ah, to be at Disneyland in the '70s! I wonder what ever became of all the denim shirts with embroidered flowers on the shoulders that I wore as a child?

Anonymous said...

And where was the best place for coffee in the Park?

walterworld said...

You described it perfectly, that could have been my family. Dad didn't like the Eagles though...

I have one of those red plastic Disneyland souvenir bags in a box somewhere, holding the trinkets and mementos from our 1973-1980 visits.

More 70's please!