Sunday, November 22, 2009

Working at Polaroid 1983

I do not find much photographs from cast members as most of the employees are too busy working to take photographs. However, if you work for the Camera Shop on Main Street, you are around camera's all the time. In 1983 the Camera Shop was sponsored by Polaroid, so this cast member took several Polaroids. First up is the sign on the building. The 1980's rainbow color sign for Polaroid is very evocative of the era.

It appears the employees gathered together to take a group photograph. A couple of quick snapshot of the cast members gathering to have the picture snapped.

Not quite ready, a quick snapshot before the official image.

The group photograph, can you spot the hidden Mickey?


Major Pepperidge said...

Polaroid, huh? I never knew they had a presence in Disneyland! I always thought that Polaroid's "instant photos" was a good idea, but in fact they were always a bit fuzzy and the color was always kind of blah. But... it was cool to get your photo in minutes!

Doesn't that sign remind you of the old KLOS concert stickers that you used to see on so many bumpers? I know I had a few back in the day (The Kinks, The Who).

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I thought KLOS 95.5 right away too!

Hey, even if you didn't give us the year on these, "1983" is so obvious in these photos, especially the last one! Is that last one an 8 by 10 Polaroid, I always wanted to see a huge Polaroid photo!