Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fort Wilderness and a Couple of Other Photos

First up is a nice photo taken from the inside of Fort Wilderness on Tom Sawyer's Island. What is cool is that the boy with the feathered hat is holding one of the Tom Sawyer's Island maps. Back of photo is dated 1968.

Next is an image of the entire family with Main Street station in the background. This shot is taken from inside the park, not at the usual front entrance and Mickey topiary.

Finally a mystery photo featuring two of the kids. This image is dated 1963. I do not know the location, but I really do like the carved wooden Indian. He is very cartoony and I wish I could see the rest of the signage as the font is in a fun cartoon style.


Amy said...

I'd love to see a map of Tom Sawyer Island from those days!

Sky Magic said...

Okay, I'm a couple weeks behind - but I'm surprised no one tried to identify the wooden Indian with the sign behind it. Here's my guess: it's not at Disneyland. I just looked at a Fall 1968 Disneyland Guide (, and there isn't any attraction, shop or restaurant that start "ED". Plus it doesn't look familiar...