Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spring Fling 1972

In 1972 Disneyland had a special event to increase attendance during the slow spring months. The event was called the Spring Fling. This lucky family attended the event and posed with many of the characters. It appears Disneyland was not that crowded as there are few people in the background. First off is an image of the two young girls posing with every one's favorite corporate symbol, Mickey Mouse.

They also posed with Mickey's better half Minnie. I don't like the yellow dress she has picked out to wear.

A character I always enjoy seeing is Snow White. I wonder where her friends the Seven Dwarves are at?

One of the prizes that a lucky guest could win by attending Spring Fling was a 1972 Ford Pinto. The car was so popular the Big Bad Wolf had to protect the car from people trying to hot wire the car. Other prizes included a movie camera set and a full ski set.


Jason Schultz said...

Matterhorn, if I recall right the Spring Fling parties were at night. These photos may have documented the promotion set up for the party rather than the party itself.

Matt said...

You know, my very first car was a 1972 Ford Pinto - exploding variety. It is a miracle I'm here to talk about it.

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, a Ford PINTO?? Remember when they gave away a muscle car? Love the cute pictures of the girls with the characters... the kid with the patchwork pants doesn't like Minnie's yellow dress either.

Anonymous said...

Hey I got one in '70...waited 2 months for its delivery. Fortunately I'm still here. Seemed better than my '68 Fiat 860Coupe.

Jason Schultz said...

Disneyland Line (3/10/1972): Disneyland's annual "Spring Fling" takes place on Saturday, March 25. At right, Pluto, Brer Bear & Goofy pose for publicity photo showing some of the more than 500 prizes worth $25,000 to be given away to guests attending the event. During the 8:30 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. event, guests will be entertained by the Grass Roots, Robert John, Denise LaSalle, and the Park's newest attraction, "Bear Country".

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I love that two-toned Pinto. I did a post with a Spring Fling gate flyer:

I've also got a "Spring Fling '66" ticket for 4/2/66 8pm, till 1am so they must have done the fling more than once!