Saturday, August 30, 2008

Nature's Wonderland Railroad

One of the rides I miss the most is the Nature's Wonderland Railroad. A fun, scenic and relaxing ride through the deserts, forests, caves, and scenic wonders of the Frontierland of Anaheim. The humor added by Marc Davis enhanced the experience. Big Thunder is fun and an approximation, but nothing like Nature's Wonderland. I always thought of Nature's Wonderland as a Jungle River Cruise on land. So just sit back, keep your hands and arms inside the car and enjoy the ride.


Major Pepperidge said...

If I was more industrious, I'd try to build a li'l scale model of the Mine Train and Nature's Wonderland!

Actually, I met an Imagineer who said that he is building a miniature Rainbow Caverns in his backyard; who wouldn't want to see that!

Namowal (Jennifer Bourne) said...

There used to be footage of this ride on You-Tube. It was black and white, but you got to see some animatronic critters, semi-cartoony cacti, and rocks doing funny things.

Anonymous said...

I was so lucky to operate the Mine Train. It was wonderful duty and you felt so far away from the mayhem of Fantasy/Tomorrowland