Thursday, August 07, 2008

Main Street Large Format Slides

Some more large format slides from 1956, this time of wonderful Main Street. The first image is almost as photographed as the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship- the Main Street Trolley heading down to Town Square. It appears the photo was taken in the early evening with some long shadows and an uncrowded street.

The second image is also of a highly photographed subject, the Main Street Station. Even to this day, incoming families and groups pose for the obligatory photo standing in front of the Mickey Mouse Topiary. Although these days the topiary is quite a bit more high tech. I do like the stanchions and velvet rope just sitting there in the middle of the photograph as if they were a family posing in front of the topiary.


Imperpay said...

Wow, I never noticed that the Main Street Station clock had a "TIMEX" label before. Does anyone know when the label went away? (It went away, right? It's not still there and I've just never noticed, right?)

Major Pepperidge said...

With the velvet ropes there, I wonder if some sort of event was going to take place in front of the Station?? Like a photo op or press event.

The trolley is remarkably full considering how uncrowded Main Street looks!

Dave said...

The (now long-gone) Timex clock I'm well familiar with, but in all the early Main Street train station pics I've seen, I've never before noticed the Disneyland flag on the left. That's fantastic!

TimTayshun said...

Probably responding decades later, however, in or around 1983-1985 I recognized the Timex stamp (this is in retrospect), because my grandpa wore a Timex watch and I made the correlation between the age of 11-13. I'm pretty sure this was likely the time period, although I'm digging back 30-35 years in my memory banks.