Tuesday, April 01, 2008

More Tom Sawyer's Island Signage

Today I am showing some of my favorite places on Tom Sawyer's Island. The first is the cemetery just outside of Fort Wilderness. I always enjoyed reading the descriptions and names for the graves. As I got older, I begin to want one of the grave markers as a souvenir. Now the cemetery and grave markers are long gone....

As I have told you all before, my favorite cave was the secret escape tunnel from the Fort. I remember ringing the alarm and running down the cave and out to the sunlight on the shore of the island. I heard the reason for closing it was some large fellow got stuck in the cave. I am happy that at least the bottom part of the cave is accessible these days.

Finally just an interesting shot of how themed everything was and can be. A requirement by the Anaheim Fire Department were Fire Hoses. Instead of putting them in an off the shelf metal cabinet, the imagineers designed a wooden box and appropriate frontier lettering. Now I want to know where the custodian is to sweep up the fudgsicle stick.

For those who love April Fools day (and he is much more creative than I am), check out today's post on Gorilla's Don't Blog


Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, the escape tunnel was the coolest idea! That triangle though, oh man. Kids could bang on that all day, and it was loud.

I didn't remember that there was a graveyard on TSI, that's a great picture!

And thanks for the shout out. Today is April Fool's Day?

Jason Schultz said...

There used to be a dug-out grave marked "Unknown Guest," until the death-by-Columbia in 1998 made it seem more... ominous.

Anonymous said...

The graveyard on TSI... I haven't thought about that one in years ... and I do remember the empty "Unknown Guest" grave and wondering if I could ever be buried at Disneyland. When you're six years old you think strange things.

-Katella Gate

Anonymous said...

I remember seeing a Disney TV program as a kid where they rang the triangle and everyone ran down the escape tunnel. Every time I visited the fort I was always ready to run. But no luck. Guess the fort was more peaceful in those days. The tunnels and caves were always my favorite part of Tom Sawyer Island.