Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Final Visit to the Walt Disney Studio

Today is the last set of images from the Ink and Paint Department employee. The first image is marked Betty Underhill Mrs. Robert Jewett now 1939 or 1940.

The next image is of the Minneapolis Club at the Studio with a large Charlotte Clark Minnie Mouse doll.

The next two photographs are of a Studio picnic at Griffith Park. The first photograph is marked Griffith Park 1938 Helen Nerbovig and Faith Rookus.

And this is marked Betty Underhill

A couple of more shots of the Patio at the studio. The first is captioned Patio Betty Ann Gunther.

And the caption on this one is Ruth Pardner in white.

One more shot outside. The original owner taped the two photos together. The caption on this one is Marguerite Jate, Minette, Phyllis Bounds Walt Disney's Niece, Doris, Ann, Patio at Disneys about 1938.

One of the readers has a similar but much more spectacular scrapbook kept by Ingeborg Willy. The reader has made the scrapbook available as a blurb book. The book is filled not only with pictures of her fellow employees, but also original sketches, memo's, timing sheets and more. Here is the link, I recommend it if you are interested in the history of the Walt Disney Studio in the late 1930's. Working For Disney 1936-1937


Major Pepperidge said...

I'm sorry that these are the last of the Disney Studio photos! Somebody that I work with (who has worked in animation for years) said that he believed that a lot of people from his generation (starting on projects like "Oliver and Company") wished they could have worked at the studio back in those days. I'm sure he's right!

Anonymous said...

That first picture of " Betty Underhill" is really neat. With that 1930's dress she reminds me of Snow White.

Unknown said...

One of the niece in the photo looks like my mother's, grandmother Anna C Boyd she Married Benjamin H. Wells, her father names was Wendelle Clay Wells he has Died so can't ask him, she says she has photos, she also says as young kid her father took her and her mother brother to see his uncle Walt Disney and his home, she just wants find out how they are family, I guess Anna C, Boyd Wells died when Wendelle was 21 and Grandfather told her bed time stories about her grandmother and her family, she only called her Grandma Wells so she also are not for sure that Anna is the Grandma First name please help