Thursday, September 20, 2007

Midget Autopia In Action

Two nice slides of the Midget Autopia in action. The more images I see of the ride, the more fun the ride looks. I do like that there were some scenic elements including a nice hill that overlooked the track below. The two steering wheels must have stopped many arguements betweens brothers and sisters as both could be driving at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I could be mistaken, but I remember that the car's lights would be on at night. Been a very long time since I "drove" one of these. But it was a definite highlight to sa kid 8 years old at the time.

Major Pepperidge said...

It was a simple ride, but it was so beautifully landscaped. I doubt that Marceline will be able to afford something that lavish.

Anonymous said...

I remember enjoying it a lot when I was 10. I went on it once wearing a "Price Phillip" hat, and when I got off the ride my plume was gone. I still remember watching the ride operator walking back over the ride, looking very out of scale to the scenery, and bringing me back my plume. The "Thrill" element was the garage you drove into to CRASH through the back wall, i.e. two doors that swung open when your car was still two feet away from it.

I missed it when it was gone, replaced by ---- the walkway to It's a Small World. Frankly, I'd rather have the Midget Autopia, as riding It's a Small World is torure. STOP SINGING THAT SONG! FOR GOD'S SAKE, STOP SINGING THAT ENDLESS, REPETITIVE SONG!

My nightmare is getting stalled in the middle of Small World, hearing the song over and over and over and over, and then the dancing dolls (Where everyone in the world has the same face) turn, their faces taking on a "Chucky" evil look, and turn and start moving towards me. The song changes to a minor key, and it drowns out my screams. The next day, riders see a NEW dancing doll, with MY face!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for refreshing my memory about the ride... crashing through the garage. I have a vague memory of that too.