Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meet Mr. Lincoln 1965

Two publicity images for the Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln attraction on Main Street. The first is a WED Imagineer painting showing the stage and Mr. Lincoln. I believe this was painted by Sam McKim. The information tag on the back reads: Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln-- Disneyland's newest adventure in history, now open in the Main Street Opera House, re-creates the past with awe-inspiring realism as the "Audio-Animatronic" figure of Abraham Lincoln delivers a 10-minute address with complete coordination of speech, facial expression, body movements and other mannerisms--authentic in every detail. The other image is of the completed figure giving one of the speeches. It is really interesting to see how close the set and figure turned out to be in relation to the concept painting.


Daveland said...

Great comparison shots. Any news on if ol' Abe is coming back? Last I heard from a cast member at the Opera House was that it was supposed to be in December.

Major Pepperidge said...

I'd love to see Lincoln return with the original show. That one with the kooky sound effects was just "eh". When I hear the audio of the World's Fair version, I am still enthralled.

Anonymous said...

One of the big Disney thrills of my life was attending the press preview (they called them "Press Parties" back then) for the opening of Mr. Lincoln back in 65. I was just a kid, so seeing Walt live and in person just a few feet away really impressed me. There were speeches and dignitaries that mattered little to 9-year-old me, but Mr. Lincoln was very exciting. The events included a big lunch and a sticker to wear that admitted us to all attractions except the shooting galleries _without tickets_!

We also received all kinds of Tencenniel schwag that I wish I still had. (sigh)

thepicklebarrel said...

neil boyle painted that first image...often mmistaken for mckim.

nice stuff as usual!

Anonymous said...

I remember attending this at opening with my Dad. He was convinced that Mr. Lincoln was an actor.

Lincoln was sitting in his chair watching the audience before getting up to speak, and "he" would blink, make nervous twitches, finger twiddles, etc. before the "show" started, just like a real person.

Thanks for helping me remember.