Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Black and White Trip October 1955

Another small grouping of photos recently added to the collection is the five images shown below. All nicely dated October 1955 showing what tourists thought to take pictures of during the first months of Disneyland. The first is a nice image of Mom and Son riding on Dumbo. It appears Mom has decided to take a small tree home from Adventureland disquised as a hat.

A nice shot of the EP Ripley pulling the Main Street passenger train. I like the fencing in the foreground. A photograph that could not be taken today.

A nice image of Sleeping Beauty Castle with one of the white swans out front.

An image of the hippos on the Jungle River Cruise. One can never get too many hippo images!

Last is my favorite photo showing the temple guarded by the monkeys screaming in the trees and off on the left is the elephant carving. The monkeys in the trees did not last long as the animation was very spastic and broke down.


Major Pepperidge said...

That hat in the first photo is the kookiest!

I always wondered about those monkeys in the tree, you see them briefly in one of the early "Disneyland" TV shows, and I think that's the ONLY time I've ever seen 'em. Did the elephant sculpture go away? I don't remember seeing it, but maybe it just got covered with plant growth.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we have home movies of those monkeys going 'ape' in the trees - they were pretty spastic.

FoxxFur said...

I think the elephant went away when they converted the shrine to the Marc Davis designs. Those monkeys did silly things, too, I believe the one of the top did a kind of hula dance.